How does the sizing work?  In a nutshell, there are so many options out there with tires and wheels.  Its one of the beauties of our sport that we get the freedom to pick from so much.  Our three stock sizes will fit mostly into the following sizes:

Gravel - Should fit most 700c x 28-42 tire/fork combos.

Mountain - 26"/27.5"/29" x 2"-2.6" 

Fat - 26"/27.5" x 4"-5"


So what if I have a tire that doesn't fit into those categories?  Fair question right there.  For those instances where some tweaks are needed such as a mid-fat or 650b gravel meat, we'd be happy to accommodate those requests.  These are made to order items that could run 14-21 days for production.  Prices will still follow out $15 for stock designs and $25 and up for custom.  Please contact sales@steadfastfenders.com to make your request.


What is included in purchase?  Included in your purchase will be one (1) genuine Steadfast fender and four (4) high quality black zip-ties.


What if it doesn't fit right or I'm not super psyched about the fender after getting it onto the bike?   I'm a huge fan of the little fender in general.  I've used them extensively and I'm usually so happy with them, I've forgotten they were on there.  If you give it a go for 30 days and you're still not happy with the product, let us know at sales@steadfastfender.com.


I've seen posts on social media with certain popular graphics.  How do I get one?  There is certain material we can't show off on our website as much as we'd love to.  If there is something we've posted that you'd want or even something that gave you a great idea, hit us up at sales@steadfastfenders.com and lets get that going.